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We provide an integrated payments ecosystem comprising NFC product design, manufacture and end-to-end payments integration. At K Wearables we can white-label our existing products and payments infrastructure, rapidly integrate payment functionality into your own products or provide bespoke development of wearable paytech and payment programmes.

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K Ring is available to both UK customers (linked to a prepaid Mastercard®), and to ABN AMRO customers in the Netherlands (linked directly to their bank cards). Choose an option to continue:

K ring - Prepaid Mastercard

i'm an ABN AMRO customer

Netherlands’ bank, ABN AMRO, trials K Wearables’ contactless payment rings and key fobs

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K Wearables delivers world’s first contactless payment ring to Australia’s Bankwest for 2017 pilot

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Bespoke NFC
product development

K Wearables is dedicated to changing the payments landscape by creating the most frictionless and stylish wearable contactless payment devices possible. What can we make for you?

Your product,
our paytech

Our contactless payment technology can be seamlessly integrated with your product, adding functionality, increasing value and improving brand engagement.

NFC solutions

Fusing form and function into the most stylish paytech on the market, our contactless payment devices can act as the perfect blank canvas for your brand and get you to market fast.

Plug in to our payments ecosystem

We have the entire payments value chain in place for your application, and we can issue under our own prepaid Mastercard or provide a tokenised solution with an issuing bank.